Stockholm School of Economics Graduation Celebration 2021 - going online. This is the intro.


I"’ve been working together with Camilla several times and I always have the same feeling about her: She is technically proficient, it is easy to have a dialog from an artistic perspective with her and she is extremely reliable.


If all coworkers were like Camilla, we producers would have an easier life."

Harald Broström

Katla Studios


Set within lush greenery in a small village in north Bali, Batak Legacy, is a private villa for rent.  

A day in februari 2020 we borrowed Batak Legacy and gathered a bunch of creative people to do creative shoot.

"Camilla is a great drone pilot and a talented photographer and videographer. We are very satisfied with the content she created for us."

Ervina Tejena


Batak Legacy

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