My name is Camilla Dellión and I am an aerial photographer / videographer and a drone operator / creator. Since two years back I've been flying my drone for clients in different fields all over the world. 

Til today I've done projects in fashion, hospitality and hotels, politics, music, real estate and properties, experiences, events, destinations and services. I've taken every opportunity to get more experiences outside my comfort zone and to extend my knowledge as a drone operator.


Today I have my base in Stockholm in Sweden where I'm planning to establish my business during 2021 and I'm already now ready to take on new projects! 

The drone is not only my work but my biggest passion and there is nothing more fulfilling in my life than to capture our beautiful world from above.

I love to create with my drone and I am always up for new challenges. Let me lift your visual marketing to new heights! If you have an idea about something we could to together - let me know - It might be something we can realise together!

Keep in touch, the drone is calling so I have to go!