My name is Camilla Dellión and I am an aerial photographer / videographer and a drone operator / creator.  I help my clients to tell their stories with my drone.

I have my base in Stockholm, Sweden where I am throughout the whole year - unless I have projects to film somewhere else in the world - then I happily travel.

The drone is not only my tool for work but my biggest passion and there is nothing more fulfilling in my life than to capture our beautiful world from above. I love to be creative with my drone and I am always up for new challenges. If you have an idea about something we could to together - let me know - It might be something we can realise together! Let me lift your visual marketing to new heights!

What I do..

Since  2018 I've been flying my drone for clients in different fields all over the world. I specialise in commercial video and photography and complement my business by teaching drone and sometimes I dive into the world of inspection and survey with drone.

My experience of commercial projects cover real estate, travel, fashion, music, event and wellness. I have taken every opportunity I can to gain experience and to extend my knowledge as a drone operator.

.. and how I do it. 


I am a certified drone pilot by the EASA. I have over a thousand hours of drone flying experience. 

Keep in touch, the sky is calling so I have to fly! 

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I’ve been working together with Camilla several times and I always have the same feeling about her: She is technically proficient, it is easy to have a dialog from an artistic perspective with her and she is extremely reliable.


If all coworkers were like Camilla, we producers would have an easier life. 

Harald Broström



Working with Camilla is easy. Her results are always magical. I find her aerial work to be the perfect completion to my real estate presentations, It always adds that extra. With the drone footage, the whole picture of the property, its location and surrounding environment is presented in a clear way.


The communication with Camilla is always fast, she takes on the project and plan the time together with my clients and she is efficient to deliver high qualitative pictures and videos.

Anna Hellgren

Sillviks Vänner.jpg

Sillviks Vänner

In my meeting with Camilla I got to see how my wish for what we were supposed to create was taken to a whole new dimension, beyond what I thought was possible.

It it impressive to see her work, how she find her angles and how she choose to film the object of interest to express it. As Camilla flew her drone passionately, I saw a relationship grow in the interplay between the drone and the object. The final result is a result of that passion.

Rickard  Otternäs



Camilla did a great job filming and capturing the material to social media ads and hero banners to the website we were looking to create.

Camilla's work is of highest quality.


I can strongly recommend Camilla.

Kristian Frykstedt