Survey / Inspection

Whether you need to inspect the current conditions of an outer wall, survey a property damage or do a high altitude inspection - drone is the efficient way to go!

Are you going to buy land or a property and want to get a clear view of what you are buying? Drone is a great tool to survey and inspect a bigger area, or a roof for example. With a drone inspection you will get a clear understanding of the status on the land or the property you want to buy.

Are you a farmer or an owner of land, forest or wooded areas? A drone survey or inspection can be of advantage to get a clear overview of forest and wooded lands, agricultural fileds and arable lands. And an aerial inspection could play a crucial role for damage control in the area.

Save money, time and risks by using me and my drone as your tool!

I can offer you my service in:

  • Survey

  • Inspection

  • Control / Damage Control



The method of using drones for mapping is cost effective, time saving and very efficent. The drone is by simple means sent up in the sky, follows the planned route of mapping and gives you detailed picture or video information about the area in focus.