The drone perspective

Do you want to capture a private event from the sky? Do you want to photograph or film the house where you grew up to get an overlooking picture of it that lives forever? Do you have a drone idea you want to realise but can't fly a drone yourself? Me and my drone are here to help!


What I can do for you:

  • Capture moments of event or weddings

  • Eternalize private house or property 

  • Film or photograph a creative idea

Capture a moment

To film and photograph a special moment or an event with drone makes it possible to eternalise memories in a way that is both detailed and overviewing. I can go really close and capture from a distance. It is possible to highlight details and special features and to get the overlooking picture to capture the right feeling and vibe of an event. Adding the drone perspective gives unexpected opportunities when it comes to altitudes and angles. The drone makes it possible to capture the surroundings and that contributes to add the complete feels and the experience of the moment to the footage.

Eternalise a place

Do you want to eternalise a place or a location that is meaningful to you? Maybe you want to frame a picture of your summerhouse and it surroundings, film the lake where you learned to swim or just a picture of a place that you are emotionally fond of or attached to. I can provide you with both drone photography or video of your special place.

Creative idea

I'm always up for a good challenge. Hit me up right away if you have an idea or a dream that needs a drone and a drone pilot! The sky and imagination is our only limits.